This summer may look different from what we originally had planned, but that won't stop us from having the best summer ever! We are providing three exciting ways to keep in touch and flex those performing muscles. Check out how to keep seeing your Ja'Duke family throughout the summer! 

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Touch base

The show must go on... someday! In the meantime, we will be hosting weekly check-ins to touch base and practice our "James"

and "Showcase" performance pieces.

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Don't miss out on one of the most memorable summers in Ja'Duke history! Join us as we continue to bring singing, dancing, acting, and more into this new normal. Stay connected with the Ja'Duke teachers and friends you love or create new friendships this summer while practicing social distancing.

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Master series

Our Dance Master Series gives students an opportunity to learn from professionals in the dance industry and explore multiple styles from the comfort of their own home. Each Monday for six weeks, a new dance professional will join us on Zoom for a master class!

Summer is Soaring

Our sparkling dancer, Summer Steele, will always be a part of our Ja'Duke family. To honor her memory, Ja'Duke awards ana n null performing arts scholarship in Summer's name. The recipient of the scholarship will attend Ja'Duke classes tuition-free from September - June of the following year. 





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