Ballet Class is essential for every dancer. It is the technical foundation from which all other dance forms are derived. All dancers are taught proper dance terminology and technique that is age appropriate. Our Ballet classes further develop grace, poise, flexibility, confidence and performance.

Jazz class focuses style, rhythm and technique. This classical style of dance is seen in numerous on and off-Broadway shows, movie musicals, and more. Classes emphasize musicality and stylization as well as fun and innovative choreography.


Class Descriptions


Tap Class uses combinations of steps in order to create various rhythmic patterns and phrases. This class teaches musicality, rhythm, shading, control, and phrasing. The popularity of tap is growing rapidly and is becoming crucial for any aspiring dancer to acquire skills in this dance form.

Hip Hop incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles. This class teaches the upbeat and energetic style of dancing often seen in music videos. Hip-hop classes are high energy and FUN!



Lyrical is an expressive dance form combining jazz style with ballet technique. Lyrical dance allows students to communicate thoughts and feelings expressed in the music through dance.

Acrobatic class is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence. Through conditioning, stretching, and across the floor, students will learn various gymnastic techniques. This is a non-performance class.



 This class stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Movements are limitless as they represent the dancer’s emotions and inner most expression. Contemporary enables the dancer to use the body’s natural lines and energy, which creates a more fluid, unconventional means of movement. 

Modern class will incorporate many of the foundations of modern dance technique, including suspension and release, fall and recovery, the use of momentum and basic floorwork. Students will learn about classical modern, including Horton, Graham, and release techniques.




Explore jazz dance - Broadway style! Featuring skills, techniques, and choreography from classic Broadway musicals. This class will allow audiences to be amazed by the smooth and sleek styles of Broadway Jazz.

Acting Class will provide participants with the basics of stage performance. Aspiring actors will take part in a number of improvisational games to make them feel comfortable on stage, in the presence of an audience, all while building confidence in their ability to act.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to perform scenes to apply and strengthen the skills they learn.



Come sing with Mr. John and Ms. Judy! This strictly singing class will focus on improving vocal skills and allowing young singers to shine. Touching on skills like breath control, intonation, music theory and much more.

Join us for a class full of cheer, dance, and fun! Students will learn the fundamentals of cheer dance while exploring various cheer skills. This is a high energy style thats fun for everyone.


Light Design

Ja’Duke Theatrical Lighting class is a combo of lighting theory and hands on application. In this class you will learn how to design and light a show from start to finish. Students will learn about all of the different lights in the Ja’Duke Theater, and how to operate the ETC Ion lighting board. Additionally, students will be designing light plots and setting lights for the current Ja’Duke show. At the end of this course, students should have fundamental information needed to design and light a Broadway show.

Join us for a musical adventure! This class will focus on completing a musical from start to finish, including auditions, blocking, choreography, and much more! Students will rehearse during this class time and will perform the full musical at the end. Only students enrolled in this class will be cast in the show, there will be no opportunities for auditions or performance in these shows outside of this class. In the first few weeks of class students will audition and be cast in roles. The following weeks will consist of rehearsals and learning the show. Eventually, we will do full run throughs and dress rehearsals and finally the big performances. Please note this class does not follow the normal JCPA semester schedule.

Musical Class


Technique Class allows students to focus on the fundamentals of dance technique including leaps, turns, kicks, and body placement. Improvisational dance is also looked at as a way for students to discover choreography appreciation. This is a non-performance class.

Pointe Class is an advanced form of ballet where dancers wear specific shoes to go high on their toes. This class can only be entered by permission of the instructor and is for students who have studied ballet for several years.


One Act Play

Are you interested in showcasing your acting skills throughout an entire performance? Than this is the class for you! Whether you are an experienced actor or new to the craft, you and your classmates will become dynamic performers who will carry a whole show! Students will audition, rehearse, and perform a one act play that changes each semester.

Film Acting Class will provide participants with the basics of film performance. This includes writing original scripts, acting out various characters, and shooting scenes in various environments. We will create films such as movie trailers, music videos, horror, action thrillers and more. Films will be premiered during the 3 showcase musicals throughout the school year.

Film Acting



This is a combination class of singing and dancing. Students will be immersed in a world of musical theater. This is a perfect class to prepare students with the appropriate tools for stage performance.

Jump into a world of music theory with a FUN twist. This is a great introductory class for instrumentalist, vocalists, and anyone else who wants to learn more about reading and writing music.

FUNdamentals of Music

Tiny Tot Dance

Tiny Tot Class is an introductory class that immerses children in the basics of dance. Through instructional musical activities children will acquire appropriate skills needed to advance to subsequent levels of dance.

Students will be immersed in a world of acrobatics - Tint Tot style. Class will begin with a warm-up of muscles and bodies. The class will then turn their attention to an acrobatics obstacle course allowing for children to explore strength, movement, tricks, and skills. This is a non-performance class and will not participate in any of the studio shows.

Tiny Tot Acrobatics

Tiny Tot Tap

Get out those tap shoes! This class focused on the beginnings of tap technique. Teaching toddlers about the basics of how their feet can make music. A fun new way for kids to be loud (not in your house!).

Toddlers are natural singers and will love this class where their natural abilities are enjoyed and encouraged!  Through the fun of warm up exercises, simple songs and simple movement, your child will be immersed in the world of singing.

Tiny Tot Singing





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