James and the Giant Peach

Practice Tracks

Tiny Tot Dance (Beginning - 2:04)

Tiny Tot Tap (4:40-End)

Junior/Pre-Teen Hip-Hop (Beg-2:00)

COMBINED ( 2:00 - 2:22)

Teen Hip-Hop (2:22 - end)

Pre-Petite/Petite Lyrical (Beg-2:00)

COMBINED (2:00-2:21)

Teen Ballet (2:21 - End)

Senior Jazz: Beginning-2:02*

(They Leave Stage) 

*Dialogue in Middle

Senior Jazz: Continued 2:40-2:58

COMBINED 2:58-3:10

Junior/Pre-Teen Jazz 2:58-3:51*

(They Leave Stage) 

*Dialogue in Middle

Junior/Pre-Teen Jazz: Continued 4:15-end

Senior Hip-Hop

Pre-Petite/Petite Tap (Begininng-2:18)

Junior/Pre-Teen Tap (2:34-4:41)

Teen Tap (4:41-end)

Junior/Pre-Teen Acting (No Music)

Children's Chorus/Junior Chorus

Ja'Duke Chorus 

*Whole song (dance teachers will work on blocking)

Pre-Petite/Petite Ballet (Beginning-2:10)

Junior/Pre-Teen Ballet (2:10-4:23)

Pointe I (4:23-end)

Pre-Petite/Petite Hip-Hop (Whole song)

Petite Jazz/Junior Contemporary  (Beginning-2:27)

Senior Broadway Jazz (2:36-end)

Pointe II (Beginning - 2:22)

Teen Contemporary (2:22-4:35)

COMBINED (4:35 - 5:00)

Senior Contemporary (5:00 -End)

Pre-Petite Jazz/Junior Broadway Jazz (beg- 2:16)

Senior Tap (2:16-end)

Teen Jazz (Whole song)

Senior Lyrical (Beg-1:00/2:02-2:48)

COMBINED (1:40-2:02/3:30-end)

Teen Lyrical (1:00-1:40/2:48-3:30)

Junior Musical Theater/Primary Acting* (Whole song)

*Primary Acting with no music

Senior Modern (Whole song)

Advanced Acting (No Music)

Junior Lyrical/Pre-Teen Lyrical (beg - 2:00)

COMBINED (2:00-2:21)

Senior Ballet (2:21 - end)

Pre-Petite Princess Cheer/Petite Princess Cheer

 (Beginning - 1:57 & repeat of chorus)

COMBINED (repeat of chorus thru dialogue)

Junior Ja'Duke Cheer/Ja'Duke Cheer


Performance Tracks




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